Currently, we are exploring/working on...

  • Exciting project

    We are delighted to announce the start of TechLibrary in Bendigo 🙂

  • 2018 coding sessions

    We are preparing for innovative coding sessions in 2018.

  • Further challenges

    We are developing few frameworks to simplify exploring STEAM education.

Codergarten has taught, explored and inspired many kids in regional Victoria in 2017.
How do we up our game and take a different approach in 2018?

We would like to trust next generation completely.
We hear them, observe and seek their perspective.

Hence, in 2018 no adults will teach in Codergarten.
Our past students (curious kids) will conduct, facilitate, inspire and teach this year 🙂

Process is simple
– Pick the most curious kids from the previous sessions.
– Spend time with them and support them in generating content (ideas + projects).
– Setup small limited batches of amazing sessions in Bendigo.
– Take a step back and let the magic begin.

Thanks to all who support Codergarten and TechLibrary.