Course No.: CGM111

Dates: Tuesdays, 5th February – 9th April (10 weeks). 1 Session (1.5hr) per week.

Level: Beginner (Age group: 7-13 years)

Prerequisites: None

Course Description:

The BBC Micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer developed specifically for young students to learn about computer science. It was created by the British Broadcasting Corporation, in cooperation with many other partners such as Microsoft and Samsung to name the few, to bring computer science and physical computing to every child in the UK. Many teachers, parents, and children throughout the world use the Micro:bit today, for learning and for do-it-yourself computing and electronics projects.

In CGM111 – Master Micro:bit (Part A) students will explore the features of Micro:bit while exploring the components of computer science taught in universities. They will learn to program Micro:bit with help of code blocks using MakeCode. MakeCode is one of the official code editors for Micro:bit powered by Microsoft.

While tinkering on Micro:bit, they will get the chance to explore the following projects: Animate a story, Create a thermometer, Conduct an inquiry, Record your data, Make a microgame, Program a community device, IoT data capture and transmitter and few more.

Course Goals & Learning Outcomes:

Agile/Design Thinking: Students will be able to create an innovative project using BBC Micro:bit. This includes brainstorming, design, creation, testing, and identifying possible improvements using Micro:bit.

Computer Programming: Students will have a greater understanding of computer programming and the concepts of logic, loopsand sequence.

Instructor(s): Rushabh Shethia (LinkedIn / Twitter)

The price includes the cost of a Micro:bit + Learning material. Laptops will be provided during the sessions.

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