Course No.: CGE212

Instructor(s): Rushabh Shethia

Level: Beginner

Prerequisites: None

Description: Ozobot Evo, a pocket-sized coding robot that comes with infinite ways to play, create, and share. Learn more about Evo and how to hack one using OzoBlockly.

In CGE212 Hack Ozobots (using OzoBlockly) – Students will explore Ozobot Evo and learn to program/hack Ozobot Evo using OzoBlockly, block-based coding platform. Introduction to robotics and programming will be a good gateway for them to explore the future possibilities of robotics.

Course Goals & Learning Outcomes: Sequencing: Computers process tasks in a sequence. One line of code at a time, enabling kids to think like a computer.

Conditional Statements + Logic: If this… then…? Basic logical operations (AND/OR) are used to create an arithmetic operation. Laying the foundation of computer science.

Price: $65/- (AUD) (2 Sessions) 1 Session per week for 2 weeks.

Dates: 26th Feb and 5th Mar 2019, 4.30pm-6pm

Resources: All resources will be provided