Humble to start!

Humble to start!  <codergarten/> 

If farmlands of Dutch can inspire someone to kickstart a company which is known today as Philips then surely Bendigo’s art can inspire someone to kickstart the future tech company.

Why do i believe Bendigo can inspire – technology?

  • Programming branching out from arts domain is more embracing than from engineering domain. Well everyone likes a beautiful tech ?
  • Bendigo is infused with arts / music / open sky.
Because I believe in this idea, I wanted to give it my best shot. First baby step of conducting Code Camp #Bendigo was success. I also believe in putting time and energy towards sustainable ideas – hence after a month of working out. We started an organization 3which will provide space and resources to nurture tech #curiosity among young dreamers. Just like kindergarten which prepares children for formal education, we introduce  <codergarten/>  which prepares children to embrace technology.

We are working towards introducing #coding / #programming and #robotics sessions across #Bendigo by March 2017. All sessions will be designed to be After School Programs, designed for 8 to 15 yrs of curious minds.

Create Tech
Create Tech

Glad to announce – successful partnership with YO Bendigo to introduce first series of coding sessions: Build A Webpage.

Thanks to YO Bendigo, kids, parents and to all who love to tinker with #technology.